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My name is Tara French Johnson and I started Mercy Design in 2005. From 2005 - 2010, I had the privilege of serving as the Creative Director for the Young America's Foundation Reagan Ranch branch. As the Creative Director, I produced countless graphic design projects including invitation packages, brochures, proposals and general marketing materials. I worked with a great team to take seedling concepts and create products that communicated important ideas.

My role there also included event planning. I had the privilege of planning and collaborating on over 200 events, ranging from luncheons to multi day conferences. From working with hotel contracts, juggling scores of vendors, and ensuring smooth flow for the actual event, I gained great insight into the inner workings of conference organization.

Today, I work with clients who also want to communicate big ideas. In today's marketplace, the biggest challenge is to get your idea heard. If you have big ideas that you want to communicate, let's talk and we can see what we can accomplish together!

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